Sunshine and Whiskey

Sometimes, I get to be fancy and then I take a bathroom selfie :p


Food baby and massive fucking headache. And Deylen hasn’t said anything to me in the past two days and I know he isn’t working. I asked him if we were breaking up and still no response. So…. I don’t know if the no response is my answer and he’s too much of a fucktard to say it to my face, or what.


One-Pan Chicken Burrito Bowls

holy shit i want to drunk cuddle hardcore right now. And I just went downstairs to grab a rainier. What is life coming to? 

Agh. So many emotions! Finished playing soccer, had some drinks. Watched a video and now I’m wanting to adopt a girl from China, and I miss my mom. Listened to some country music, and I want to sit in the back of a pick up truck in the middle of nowhere. Listen to Justin Young and I’m dreaming about an attractive half asian half white dude. Aghhhhhhh. 

⚽️💪😝 soccer and squats! #squats#soccer#glutes#gym
If you can’t tell, I’m really hungry.